County Pages – The 1915 LHA Guidebook

Each of the five counties, Laramie, Albany, Carbon, Sweetwater & Uinta have individual pages with text and images, each page has the text as it appeared in “The Complete Official Road Guide of the Lincoln Highway”; without editorial comment or corrections.

Images will consist of both historical and current.

If possible, re-photographing techniques will be employed.

There are going to be a few exceptions; this will include towns, places, and monuments that were not included in the original guidebook that was passed through during any of the original highway alignments from 1913 until 1960.

There are a handful of rail stations that are listed in the guidebook that may have been serviceable in 1915, many of these locations have had their buildings removed, and the land they once occupied since having been sold. Many of these may not be accessible; most, if not all, had no images made when they did exist. We’ve conducted extensive and exhaustive investigations of these properties, and where anything of interest, (foundations, road base, or any proof of disturbance) has been found, it has been photographed. The images of these locations will be published upon clearance of property owners.

The cities of Cheyenne, Laramie, Rawlins, Rock Springs, Green River and Evanston all have I-80 bisecting these places; and therefore will not be included in this series of pages. These have their own page: The Cities

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