Albany County Historical Society

On may 16th 2017, Doc will be giving a presentation to the Albany County Historical Society about newspaper stories from 100 years ago.  Having read at least 50,000 newspaper pages over the last six years, and captured close to 5,000 for the Bypassed project alone; this talk will be very entertaining. This program will combine images of newspapers, historical images and some of Doc’s own work. The presentation starts at 7:30 PM at the Alice Hardie Stevens Center, 603 Ivinson Ave, (at the Laramie Plains Museum).

Navigation, Contact Information and Other Miscellany

Doc presented a total of eleven images from this project during the recent Pop-Up Art Walk and Gallery in Laramie.  To locate any of the pages for each county, simply hover your cursor over the tab labeled “County Pages”, a drop-down menu will appear.

There has been a new addition to this web site; the City/Town Plats page is new; all of the plats that were on the county pages have been moved to this page; keeping in line with the manuscript – these will be included in one of the appendices.

We’ve been working on a new web site, and can be accessed here.

Contacting us is easy. Simply click here to send us an email. We’ll get back to you within a couple of days.

The manuscript is in process, and the research continues.

Welcome to By-Passed: The Lincoln Highway Across Wyoming

Doc has been working on the follow up project to the Laramie Midwest Refinery project for the last year or so, and now have just enough material, both research and images to start a new web site.  If you have any comments, or have a story to share about the history of the Lincoln Highway, please send an email to

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